As with every hospital, Ridgecrest Regional has numerous services at your disposal during the birth process. Your Doctor will occasionally give you orders for various things to be checked while you are pregnant.

One place you will have to visit is the Laboratory. We have a few different locations and hours to meet your needs. Please visit our Lab page for more information.

Your Doctor may give you orders to have an Ultrasound. We have recently opened a brand new Women’s Imaging center to meet these needs. Please visit our Ultrasound page for more information.

During labor, many choose to have an Epidural to help deal with the pain. Our Anesthesiologist has put together a list of frequently asked questions and concerns. Please visit the Epidural page to learn more.

After you have your baby, we offer Lactation Counseling for any mother that desires it. To find out more information, please visit our Lactation Counseling page.