If you think you are in labor, please go to the Emergency Room–which is location number 1 on the map below–and sign in. You will be seen quickly by a triage nurse who will establish you are in labor. If you are in labor, you will be sent to the Women’s Services floor–this process usually takes around 10 minutes. However, if your Doctor has told you to go directly to the Women’s Services floor, go as directed. Please remember that the front of the hospital is locked after 8PM, so you should proceed to the ER admitting area to be directed to the Women’s Services floor.


Many have found it helpful to fill out Advance Registration forms before the “Big Day”. You can download these forms using the following links: Pre-registration instructions and Advance Registration Form.

If you are unable to download and print the forms from home, feel free to visit our Admitting Department, which is location number 2 on the map below. The hours are Monday through Friday 7 AM to 5 PM and we can be reached at (760) 499-3765.


Emergency and Admitting Entrances to Ridgecrest Regional Hospital